Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What is new!

Well I am finally moving this weekend to Oak Brook which I think will make most of you very happy because now when you come out to see me, it will take half the time :) I always forget how much time moving takes though so I want to thank everyone in advance for being patient with me the next couple of days as I move out of one place and into another and shoot a wedding in the middle of all that! :) I will post some pictures soon. The year is winding down and I hope everyone has a great holiday and gets a break!

I also want to thank all of my 2007 brides so far who have already put their faith in me to capture their special day and let everyone know when I still have availability since I know the holidays are a popular time for engagements!!
The following are dates/weekends that I am no longer available:

Jan 13th
Feb 10th, 24th
March: weekends of 3rd, 24th
April 7th all weekend in Indianapolis, IN
May 19th and Memorial Day weekend
June and July
August: weeknds of the 4th and 25th
September: labor day weekend and weekends of 8th and 15th
October 6th/7th in Savannah, GA and the 12th and weekend of 27th
December: weekend of the 30th


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