Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Megan and Craig

This wedding I will truly never forget!!! Most of you know the blizzard we had yesterday and some of you may know of the 20 mile back up on I-80 W...well Dean Thorsen and I were stuck in that mess for 8.5 hours trying to get to this wedding, but Megan was also stuck in her farm near Starved Rock State Park where the wedding was to take place so at least we weren't missing too much! Megan finally made it out after getting stuck in a ditch on the way to the lodge but I was still going nowhere so her uncle came to pick me up on the other side of the highway and got me to the lodge about the same time as Megan so I wouldn't miss a thing!! Even though this wedding did not go as planned, it was one of the most sincere and beautiful weddings I have been to thus far. It was worth every minute and every mile to get there and share their day. Thanks again to Dean Thorsen for helping me out on this wedding, as always, his images are amazing and really complete the coverage.
This is the shadow of me waiting for my ride after walking through the snow to the other side, that is some backup! We were only 1 mile away from the exit at this point but we had been there for about an hour with no end in sight!

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