Monday, January 22, 2007

Red River Gorge, KY

This weekend I actually had no weddings so I headed down to Kentucky to go climbing which is one of my favorite things to do. Being the crazy year that it has been for me, this is first time I have been able to go. I went with my friends Roger and Chris and met up with some other local climbers; Dan, Trevor and Ethan. It was a great time! We camped and climbed everyday and I couldn't think of a better way to spend the weekend....besides shooting weddings of course!! ;)
The gear...

Tent city...where all the climbers camp :)

Sat morning...only 20 degrees Fri night, it was cooold!
Roger onsighting "Spinner" a 5.10b at Johnny's Wall in Muir Valley
Dan sending "Inhibitor" at Eastern Sky Bridge, a 5.11a trad route that looked HARD!

Dan climbing "Super Dario" a 5.11a sport route that he made look really easy :)

One of the many great holds at the Red River Gorge...
Ethan trying a sketchy 5.12 at the Eastern Sky Bridge
Dan climbing a 5.11a sport and trad route, the latter more difficult but both he did with ease at the Eastern Sky Bridge climbing area.
Roger doing the "beached whale" move on a 5.8+ trad route that Chris sent after getting through a difficult move :)
Chris going for a move in Muir Valley!
And last but not least, this is me onsighting "Spinner" a 5.10b in Muir Valley (photo courtesy of Chris) :)

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