Sunday, July 29, 2007

Courtenay and Joe

Courtenay and Joe had a beautiful wedding yesterday! There were so many wonderful things to be a part of and witness and most especially is the love that they have for their friends and in return the love of the friends for them. I had so much fun with this group, they provided their own entertainment for the whole day! :)

Look at the air Ali (far right bridesmaid) got on this jump!

This was a fun game instead of clinking, guess who is more...looks like everyone even the maid of honor knew the answer to this one...Joe!

Big props to my assistant Molly for scouting this location so I could get this fun pic!

Have a great time in Hawaii!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Off to Georgia...

I am off to Georgia to learn some new marketing tips for the amazing LaCour team. I am so excited! This is the nicest, most talented group of people who have already helped me focus my business when we have had the chance to talk. So to get 4 days of their time is really going to be an intense and fun time that will no doubt make my business even better!

So thank you in advance for being patient with me this week as it may be hard for me to get to my phone and email as promptly as normal!

Be back soon!

Lisa and Will

Today was the perfect day for a wedding long in the making! Lisa and Will have been together for many years and have two wonderful kids and decided to finally make it official. The day turned out just as good as anyone could ask for.

Congratulations you guys, you deserve it!

Friday, July 20, 2007


This past weekend, my cousin Victoria came to visit because she wants to be a photographer. I was very excited and flattered that she wanted to spend part of her summer break following me around. I gave her a camera and off she went! This girl has some serious talent that deserves to be nurtured and supported! She is only 13! So leave a comment if you think her parents should buy her a lens for the camera I just donated to her and we'll see if we can raise enough support for her potential future career!

I love this shot, typical Aunt spoiled the nephew while mom wipes the drool!

Our morning at the arboretum, Victoria played with my macro lens.

Kelly and Brian's engagement session was a blast and she got some great shots!

Dave and Sarah's wedding was her first real look into shooting weddings and she got some great shots!

Great moments and keep shooting, of course you need a lens to do that! So everyone tell her what you think? She have a future???

Monday, July 16, 2007

Kelly and Brian

These two were such a treat to work with! We explored the area close to where they live and got really adventurous which was soo fun! They are having their wedding in Cabo and it sounds like such a good time, I wish I was going!!