Sunday, January 28, 2007

Emily and Mike

We had a fun time in downtown St. Charles by the beautiful Hotel Baker yesterday. The sun shown brightly on us and created some beautiful light and shadows...and even a little extra warmth. This warmth was further felt in the bond between them. What a beautiful couple from the inside to the out. Their warmth gave me the opportunity to show some of the fun they have together and the love they share...can't wait for the wedding!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Megan and Craig at the Farm

So for those of you who follow this blog, you probably remember the great blizzard wedding of 2006 when I got stranded on I-80 trying to get to Megan and Craig's wedding...Megan couldn't get to me and I couldn't get to her because of all the snow so, although I didn't miss any of the wedding, we did miss out on our chance to take pictures on the farm where Megan grew up. We decided this wedding story wouldn't be complete without the farm pictures so Megan and Craig got dressed back up and we went back out to the farm and finished their story...complete with snow...again! This really couldn't have worked out better in hindsight because we were able to really enjoy our time out there (despite the freezing cold!) and not worry about the dress getting dirty...I guess everything happens for a reason! Here are some of my favs so far...

Corey and Joe

What a great way to start the new year! This wedding was so fun and for a cold January day, it is important to keep laughing to stay warm! First, was the dog wearing a flower necklace (courtesy of the Rose Cottage), then swinging groomsmen...literally!, adorable flower girls, and lots of love and genuine emotion. A perfect combination for a wedding!

July 21st now open

My wedding on July 21st just got cancelled so any of you who were looking for this date and are still looking...I am available now and I would love to meet with you! :)

Sarah and Chad

Sarah and Chad were my first shoot of the year and I was excited to have some fun and be a little different and they were all for it! They are a supersexy couple that had no problem being very close with me in their face, it really made for some great photos! Can't wait for the wedding!!!

I love this photo because I just grabbed it just in time as they were walking down into the subway just in time to still read the sign...

sometimes it is nice to just stop and enjoy the moment among the hustle of chicago...

Mady turns 4...awhile ago

My neice Madyson had her 4th birthday not too long ago and I got to follow her around as she had her first manicure and pedicure. It was a perfect little princess day...and she is a princess :)
And pink and sparkly nail polish is just what this little one picked for her birthday colors :)

off to get the ice cream...

can you tell she likes to pose :)

and she loves her mommy :)

Happy Birthday Mady!!