Monday, September 24, 2007

Nicole and Wes

Nicole and Wes had a beautiful day on Saturday and celebrated their wedding day at Edgewood Valley Country Club with the fun Connexion band! Although Nicole didn't plan on Wes breaking his ankle days before the wedding, it could not have went smoother. They even made a joke of it when one of the groomsmen went to fix his pant leg during the ceremony since the maid of honor was doing her job fixing the dress :) It was a fun day full of love and laughs.

Why not.... :)
Have a great time on your honeymoon!

Kathy and Kevin

Kathy and Kevin's wedding was just pure fun. From the teasing of siblings (so near and dear to my heart), to the most excited flower girls I think I have ever encountered, to the obvious love of the two of them. It was just fun, from start to finish! The reception was at Seven Bridges with the fun Show on the Road for entertainment.

Little things like this will make a lasting memory of the brother sister relationship and just make you smile if you have a brother! I have alwasy wanted to go here for a first meeting, I just love these trees :) This little flowergirl was more concerned about the dress than Kathy. She kept saying, "Kathy, don't let that dress touch the ground!" It was so cute This guy saw something worth pointing out! :) And a little tango to finish the evening

Have a great time in Italy! I am jealous!! :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

WPJA...good news and bad news

Good news...I placed 5th for this moment I caught this moment at Jennifer and Brad's wedding back in May. Bad is a bittersweet victory as this is the last contest I will enter for the WPJA due to the poor handling of the organization that has led to many people forfeiting their membership and the poor treatment to some of the best photojournalists in the country! I am sad to say that I too will not be renewing my membership due to this situation.
But for now, I will be happy to place among so many talented photojournalists!

FIFTH PLACE: Photo by Kristina Carter / Illinois

JUDGES COMMENTS: I like this because it's rare that detail photographs hold any real emotion or meaning for that matter and that's why I like this picture. It's a nice moment between father and son (I presume) and I just love the light and the small hand on the bigger fingers... it's not hokey either, which I hate.

Beth and Jason

Beth and Jason are the two funnest architects I know :) They look at buildings the way I look at trees, with a little happiness and awe in their eyes. It was fun to watch and I could relate on a little different level...beyond that we just had some fun and goofed around the city. I am sure many people wondered what the heck we were doing...just having fun :)

Can't wait for the wedding!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Amanda and Brandon

This wedding was long awaited for me! I absolutely could not wait for this wedding and not only because Amanda is a great friend of mine but she is a very talented photographer and I knew she would be planning a very beautiful and FUN wedding! She is outdoorsy like me so it was at the Concord Centre in Woodstock and everything was outdoors! She even got dressed outdoors :) Everything was perfect...

I love this early morning moment between mom and daughter :)
Here we go to get dressed! This is the first time I had parents there to see their kids when they first saw each other, it was nice to have them there too! First time grandma saw Amanda, she thought she shouldn't see her before the wedding but she couldn't help herself!

The wedding was absolutely perfect thanks to the great love of Amanda and Brandon. I was so honored to be asked to photograph this day! Congratulations and have fun in Yellowstone!!