Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back from Maine

Well I am back from Maine and officially rested and ready to get back to work! :)

We started off getting a little tour of Portland from my good friends Emilie Sommer and J Sandifer who are two of the nicest people and just plain awesome photographers. If that wasn't enough, Emilie is hosting a workshop featuring top notch photojournalists such as Greg Gibson, Tyler Wirken, and Jennifer Domenick next summer in Cape Cod called Roots. Look for more information coming soon on her blog and the official Roots website. And J is working with Livebooks who are coming up innovative ways for photographers of many backgrounds to promote their work and portfolios easily and effectively. If you are in the market, J is the guy to talk to and Livebooks is a great option!

Here is the group :)

Then on to Acadia National Park...I actually did not take that many pictures on this trip unusually...instead I hiked, biked, canoed, and whale watched and it was a blast but I did end up with a few fun pics :)

Here is a view from the tent as Brian makes us some breakfast because I am too lazy to get out of the tent ;) These are two fin whales which happen to be the second largest animal to ever live! Bigger than dinosaurs, it is just crazy to be so close to something so ginormous! I fell asleep on this rock and woke up to a not so happy herring gull....oops! This is a harbor outside of the Southwest Harbor near our camp site. The next few pics are some views of the Precipice Trail which was my favorite because it was as close to rock climbing as I could get on this trip and on the way back down I found a great place to sit and watch the Peregrine Falcons that nest on that cliff. Climbing and Peregrine's...doesn't get much better for this girl ;) On top of Cadillac Mountain is the first place you can see the sun rise in United States...Brian thought only a couple people would get up...he was wrong! It was packed but it was fun to be there with all those people excited to say that they were the first of about 100 to see the sun rise that day :)
Finally, were duly impressed with the security at Portland, Maine's airport. It was tight! We couldn't even get our unopened cans of soup and peanut butter on the plane!

All in all, I definitely recommend a trip to Maine!


emilie said...

Awww, it was so great having you here! We miss you already! Thanks so much for starting and ending your vacation with us. Come back anytime!


J Sandifer said...

Fun to see some images of your trip and it was terrific to have you guys stay here!

Hope to visit in Chicago sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH and this is just a taste of what is to come..... what a awesome day we had and you have made it a permament memory for us all just love the sample thankyou so much for... mama