Monday, September 24, 2007

Kathy and Kevin

Kathy and Kevin's wedding was just pure fun. From the teasing of siblings (so near and dear to my heart), to the most excited flower girls I think I have ever encountered, to the obvious love of the two of them. It was just fun, from start to finish! The reception was at Seven Bridges with the fun Show on the Road for entertainment.

Little things like this will make a lasting memory of the brother sister relationship and just make you smile if you have a brother! I have alwasy wanted to go here for a first meeting, I just love these trees :) This little flowergirl was more concerned about the dress than Kathy. She kept saying, "Kathy, don't let that dress touch the ground!" It was so cute This guy saw something worth pointing out! :) And a little tango to finish the evening

Have a great time in Italy! I am jealous!! :)


Megan said...


I can't say it enough, your work is amazing. You just know how to capture the day, the personalities, the memories. Thank you. Megan

Anonymous said...

Yes Kristina!

You are great! Thanks for all your work. You are truly talented!

Mary Jo

emilie said...

Teehee... love the cardboard bust shot! Too funny! Gorgeous ceremony images, as well as the outdoor portraits. You rock, Tina!