Monday, September 24, 2007

Nicole and Wes

Nicole and Wes had a beautiful day on Saturday and celebrated their wedding day at Edgewood Valley Country Club with the fun Connexion band! Although Nicole didn't plan on Wes breaking his ankle days before the wedding, it could not have went smoother. They even made a joke of it when one of the groomsmen went to fix his pant leg during the ceremony since the maid of honor was doing her job fixing the dress :) It was a fun day full of love and laughs.

Why not.... :)
Have a great time on your honeymoon!


LaCour said...

These are fantastic! You are mad talented. So is that a childhood photo of the bride that she's standing beside? If so, wow... very powerful.

~ Erin

emilie said...

Erin beat me to it... wow! That image is killer!!

Dawn & Bob said...

Wow... thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving such a kind comment. It brings me back to you. Your images are spectacular!!!! You are an inspiration to us all...!!!!