Monday, December 3, 2007


So off to KY I went, home away from home and got a real break. I don't think I took any pictures :) But everyone else did lucky for me so I can share. This was one talented bunch of photographers!! That was fun, to get a lot of inspiration from them not only photographically but personally. A diverse and fun group!
Here's the A list of talent

Huy from F8 from Dallas
Becca Spears from Wirken in Kansas City
Henry from Henry Shoots in NY
Gulnara from Gulnara Studio in NY
Laura Olsen from In His Grace Photography in Maryland
Jonathan McBride from Vantage Pictures in Pennsylvania
Matthew Gordon from Matthew Gordon Photography in Indiana
And the pictures....
I stole all of these, this is Henry shooting Ken the innkeeper, he was trying to antagonize the orbs sometimes seen in photos at this very old KY inn. :)
me in my favorite skirt :)

Me by Becca

Gulnara by Becca

Henry by Jonathan

A surprise cake to the face from the Mexican restaurant for Gulnara's bday :)
Becca by Jonathan
me by Jonathan

Laura by Becca

Me by Huy

Henry by Huy

and last but not least, the survivors of the Polar Bear Challenge...yeah, we are crazy like that :)

Good times!

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