Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Greg Christian Catering

Recently I have had the pleasure of working with Greg Christian, an amazing chef in Chicago who takes great pride in his organic and primarily local food catering company. Greg has a project going on that brings awareness and education to local schools about the importance of healthy and socially responsible diets. I have seen firsthand the pride he takes in making sure all of his waste is recycled while photographing one of his events. I found it particularly interesting that no trash cans are allowed on an event floor so his staff can see to it personally that all trash is recycled whenever possible. Make sure to check him out for your next event. Just one way to reduce the impact on the environment.

Some of these shots may be used for Greg's personal catering service! Everything is delicious, trust me!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. greg catered my wedding
Wow, the food was beautiful. People are still mentioning it to me a year later.

Anonymous said...

Greg Christian has no respect for his clientele and should not be hired. My fiance and I booked our wedding with Greg Christian. Upon hearing rumors that his company was closing, we called and were told that everything was okay and not to worry about our wedding plans. After hearing more rumors, we called again to find that he was going out of business. We were never notified by him. In turn, we asked for our deposit back as he would not be providing the services we agreed upon. This request was denied, flatty and unapologetically. Since then, we’ve found out that he has attended a conference in Vegas and opened a new company. We have still heard nothing from him regarding our deposit. We trusted him with our business and money and, in the end, he walked away with it. - Cory Baitz