Sunday, April 15, 2007


After this week's snow it was so nice to feel spring again! I actually had time this weekend to do one of my favorite things, lay in the sun in the grass! We went to the Morton Arboretum and just layed around looking at the sky and thinking about life...and I was fortunate enough this time to have my husband there to daydream with me. Rarely do we both have time to do nothing together so it was a fun day.

I just wanted to post this to encourage everyone to get out and enjoy the fresh air, I guess this is even more on my mind as I think about earth day!

This is my husband Brian, isn't he too cute!!!

Hope you got to enjoy this weather!


Anne said...

Awwww.... I want to lay in the grass and stare at the clouds!!! Yeah.. your husband is a hottie... but he has an even hotter wife. ;)

emilie said...

Happy Birthday, Tina!!!

And so nice to meet you, sorta, Brian! Looking forward to your possible visit in Maine this summer! Yippeee!