Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lori and Jon

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be included in the wedding of Lori and Jon, the smallest and most intimate wedding I have photographed to date. It was emotional and personal and I did my best to show that in their photos. I couldn't help but get caught up in the laughs and the tears from behind the lens.

The first time Jon's mother saw Lori...
The beautiful bride!
This look says it all!

At this point only Lori and Merridith knew that there almost was no ring for the ceremony, at the last minute they remembered they forgot it! A fun moment between the best of friends.
hugs and more hugs...

Right after Merridith signed the marriage license, she couldn't wait to hug and congratulate her closest friend, these two are as close as sisters and they were so fun to watch!
And closing with a touching tribute to Lori's father who had past away.

A different look at the guests snapping away at their dinner party.

On a clear night, this city seems to stretch on forever. What a beautiful view for a beautiful night!

Congratulations Lori and Jon!!

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