Friday, March 9, 2007

Shica and Brian

I had a blast today trying to shoot while on ice, that was a first! Shica and Brian had the great idea of going ice skating to take advantage of the winter cityscape and that was a first for me. Their excitement for each other and for life itself brought a great energy to the shoot and it was a pleasure to work with them. I can't wait for the wedding...Congrats you two!



Belinda C. Marshall said...

The pictures are simply beautiful! Of course I'm the soon to be bride's aunt so I'm a little bias. My wish is that they will always be in love as the pictures truely captured.

Dan Janssen said...

You two look awesome! Great pics, beautiful. You guys don`t just have something special, you are something special. I`m really happy for you, blessed you`re my friends. Shica, you`re a beautiful little lady and I wish you and Brian all the best for the rest of your days.
You`re gonna make the big guy cry.