Sunday, August 26, 2007

Nicole and Ron

Yesterday my cousin Nicole got married to a fun-loving (to say the least) guy named Ron! We had so much fun and Nicole was a very trusting bride! :) I was so excited to be behind the scenes all day watching the moments of laughter and tears and more tears and more laughter! These are some of the most genuine, honest, and heartfelt people I know and I am proud to call them my family. I am also so proud of them for having a dollar dance and donating all the proceeds to the American Cancer Society in honor of our loved ones including my Uncle Tom who have past away from Cancer. That was so generous!

The wedding took place at St. Irene's and Drury Lane with the fabulous Vince from A Touch of Music on the mic!

I found this cutout of the engagement annoucement on the dresser and thought that would be a good place for the rings.
Way to go Janet, a bee was coming after her and she held on to that dress! Nicole tried so hard not to cry :) I love the way the light came through the window for this shot to just light up Nicole, she was beeming! This is what I meant by trusting bride :) But it all worked out and this shot is just halarious...this is why I never stop shooting! :) These guys were not waiting to dance with Nicole! Watch out Ron! But at least it was for a good cause :) This is a family tradition also in memory of my Uncle Tom's love of Billy Idol..Rebel Yell! My dad and brother of the bride getting way to excited! :)

Congratulations you two! Have a wonderful honeymoon!


Nicole and Ron said...

These pictures are amazing! We can't wait to see the rest of them!Thank you for all of the effort you put into capturing our wedding on camera!

Abigail said...

Nice shots Tina ;) Looks like a fun party!!!

Anonymous said...


These pictures are absolutely amazing. I am really excited to see the rest!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tina,

You did a beautiful job!! I can't wait to see the rest:) It was alot of fun having you take pictures!!


Audrey said...

Beautiful!!! I can't wait to see the rest!