Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Some of you know that I recently attended the LaCour workshop which I was very excited about since I spent some time with them in Vegas. After only 2 hours of their time, my head was spinning about my new ideas for my business and how I can give even more to my awesome clients so I could only imagine 4 days worth of marketing/storytelling talk from these guys.

I was not disappointed.

They shared everything and beyond the actual learning, the LaCour team is so genuine in their willingness to help others succeed and they attract that kind of bunch. I had so much fun meeting the other students and learning even more from our guest speakers Corey McNabb and Charles Bordner. Check out Corey's new workshop on his blog!

Here are a few pics from the amazing Mark and Erin (one half of the LaCour team) tearing up the dance floor for our lighting demo.

These I got from LaCour's blog since I didn't take any of my own pictures! oops :)

Micheal Hooks took this photo of Jay, Corey, and Nancy Jo

The class.
Another nice surprise was seeing Garrett and Joy Nudd! I love this picture Andrew took of Garrett, Eric and Charles!
Another shot of the class working on our lighting techniques! :)
If anyone is looking into taking this workshop, it was well worth the time and money invested!
Thanks so much to everyone who made it such a special week! And thanks to the LaCour gang who gave me such an awesome book to be inspired by!

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