Saturday, February 24, 2007

FW5 The Review

I can hardly put into words how amazing this opportunity/experience was for me at this point in my progression as a photographer and business person. The opportunity to work side by side with some of the world's best photographers and learn from their life experience was incredible. The instructors, mentors, and volunteers made themselves completely available to us and were just as excited to help us grow as we were to learn. I was literally up at 6 am and not to bed until 3 am most nights shooting, editing, and critquing so thank you again to everyone for your patience in the longer than usual response time to your emails and phone calls :) I didn't take many photos of the workshop because we had an official photographers so if you are interested you can check out that blog and see what I was up to but I did want to share the photos I took as my assignment.

My assignment was to tell the story of Elizabeth Evans and the Best Friends Fun Farm. Elizabeth teaches agility to her dogs and other people's dogs. She is nationally recognized and her dogs have won many awards and her little Mosely and Kiwi are TV stars featured in commericals and on Barney. The story, as I interrpreted it, was the relationship between Elizabeth and her dogs and her students. Her passion is infectious and she made my job easy :)

Thank you Elizabeth and FW5, I will never forget this experience! There are way too many people to thank individually but the ones who touched me the most know who they are ;)

This is my final presentation...



Anonymous said...

I'm SO impressed with the photos! Beautiful work! Can't wait to see the rest of them. Enjoy your trip and hope to hear from you when you get back!
Elizabeth and the girls (JP, too!)

alicia hebert (e.e.'s cousin) said...

i just have one word, WOW!!! you have truely captured the essence of elizabeth and her passion. you even brought a tear to my eye with all the different angles you captured with her and the dogs. i have never seen photos like this before. absolutely beautiful, cant wait to see them all!

emilie said...

Tina, You did an amazing job with this assignment! I loved watching you work and your images are fabulous! You should be very proud! Very glad to have met you in Texas! Stay in touch!!