Friday, October 19, 2007

Jackson Falls

Another last minute excursion to Southern Illinois to get some much needed climbing and camping in before it gets too cold. My friend Val is moving to Seattle too soon so we needed one last trip before he goes! It was a blast. Here are a few pics... Mel brought the panda yummies, close second to koala yummies which was a blast from the past! Dana on a 5.12b, much harder than I am climbing right now :) August on his first 5.10a on lead, he did great! That was a fun climb! Unexpected visitors, I am used to hikers coming up and watching but I have never had anyone ride up on horseback. It was a treat. This is a view of the crag we were climbing at on Sat, it was a nice area Can't wait to get out there again!

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Anonymous said...

I love the photos. What lens did you use for them?