Saturday, May 5, 2007

Back from Kentucky

Thank you everyone for your patience while I was off camping in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky and climbing with my friends. It was a great trip and I got to see my old college roomate and great friend Clare and her son Oliver, this was the first time I got to meet Oliver. The last time I saw Clare, I was shooting her maternity pictures so that was very special to me that they drove up from Knoxville, TN.

Clare and Oliver hanging out in his backpack that Clare made along with his shoes! She is so talented and is available for commission if you know someone who would be interested in one of these handmade baby carriers.

A stolen moment :)

One of the reasons I love to climb is to push myself mentally to overcome my fears, this translates into all aspects of my life. If I can overcome fears of falling to my death, I can get over any other mental block that will keep me from acheiving my goals and dreams. So although I didn't redpoint the 5.10d I wanted to get, (technical jargon ;)) I did get up and lead climb some routes that were really hard for me and push past the fear, so mission accomplished!!

This is the only picture of me from the trip on Creep Show 5.10d at Phantasia

Roger on the same route

Roger on To Defy the Laws of Tradition 5.10a, an 80 foot route at Left Flank

Chris on the same climb

Roger smoochin' on Erin :)

A bouldery start for Chad on Pouge Ethics 5.9+ a 90 foot route at Phantasia

August with the cold hard truth :)

This was August's first outdoor climbing trip and here he is on Hello there Fancy Pants 5.10c in Muir Valley...nice job pulling through the first crux!!

Chad on little Viper 5.10b at the same place

Erin's first time climbing, getting on CH4 5.7+, nice job!


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